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The Water Lily

Nymphaea- the genus name of the water lily- is derived from the Greek myths of water lilies being physical manifestations of water nymphs. Inspired by the anonymous words of ‘The Water Lily’, this collection embodies the principal character who signifies nature itself and is all powerful. It comprises of three bodies, using a colour palette informed by various types of the flower and lilypad. This resort collection is for the woman who is elegant, dynamic, and confident. The pieces can be worn for any occasion where the wearer wants to stand out and feels comfortable in their own skin. Being a significant motif in both Eastern and Western cultures, the elements and silhouettes of the garments reference both hemispheres. Pleating as well as a take on embroidery can be seen throughout the collection as a nod to traditional dressmaking. Exploring volume and femininity, each individual body can stand alone and represent the titular muse.

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Body 2
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Body 1
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